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Social Psychology Alive, First Canadian Edition

Student Resources

Social Psychology Alive
First Canadian Edition

James Olson, University of Western Ontario
Steven J. Breckler, APA Executive Director for Science; American Psychological Association
Elizabeth Wiggins, Federal Judicial Center

Published by Nelson Education Ltd.
© 2008

ISBN: 0-17-622452-1

Student Resources

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Welcome to the student’s site that accompanies Social Psychology Alive, First Canadian Edition. The following supplemental products accompany the text and can be ordered through your local campus bookstore or via this online bookstore. The online resources that support your textbook can be accessed by clicking on the Student Resources menu on the right-hand side of this page.

  • Student Workbook - ISBN 0-17-644149-2
    In addition to being a study guide, the workbook includes exercises that students can complete to learn more about social psychological principles and their application to everyday life and world events. The exercises include simple experiments and demonstrations (Try It Yourself), readings and analytical questions about social psychology as it relates to world events (Thinking Critically About Social Psychology), instructions to students for observing social psychology in their daily lives and the world around them (Social Psychology Alive Journal), and Internet-based activities (On the Web). Each workbook chapter includes an introduction to the Social Psychology Labs for the corresponding textbook chapter, and concludes with questions to guide the students’ study of the text (Learning Objectives) and a test (Test Yourself) comprised of multiple-choice, sentence-completion, and matching questions.

  • CengageNow
    ISBN 0-17-644189-1 (printed access card)
    ISBN 0-17-644181-6 (instant access)
    This online diagnostic tool identifies each student’s unique needs with a Pretest that generates a personalized Study Plan for each chapter, helping students focus on concepts they’re having the most difficulty mastering. Students then take a Posttest to measure their understanding of the material. An instructor Gradebook is available to track and monitor student progress. A key component of the Study Plan is the inclusion of visually and pedagogically rich modules that begin with clearly stated learning objectives, followed by knowledge-building animations with audio to present key concepts. Modules also include discovery activities and self-check quizzes that confirm students’ understanding of the module material.

Thank you for purchasing Social Psychology Alive, First Canadian Edition. We hope you find this website helpful.